Healthy meal with fresh food is very important

Healthy, fresh food is very important.

And our guests value that.

We emphasis vitamin and protein rich products, which are full of natural taste. We care strongly about the origin of our products and pay close attention to the responsible production of those. That’s why we know most producers and manufacturers in person of the products we offer.

Let the mornings be the very best.

Take your time and enjoy the food we offer.

Enjoy an extensive, continental breakfast in our opulent breakfast room or on our spacious terrace overlooking the Jasna lake. Between 8:00 and 11:00, we treat you to a wide assortment of warm and cold dishes, based on local food traditions.

Enjoy an extensive, continental breakfast


Breakfast with a View

Morning pampering 


In addition to the selection of fresh fruit, there is also a selection of juices from forest fruits, apples, and carrots. Every good breakfast is based on warm and fresh bread and pastries. Breakfast is served from 8:00 to 11:00. Book your morning pampering with breakfast at Vila Triglav Hotel.






healthy breakpast is important to us and our guests

Healthy meal

We care about breakfast being healthy for our guests.

controling food origin is our top priority

Local ingredients

Controling food origin is at the top of our priorities.

Traditional breakfasts

Traditional food

We treat our guest with variaty of traditional, local food.

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