“When there is true hospitality, not many words are needed.”

Vila Triglav is modern, pleasant and extremely comfortable: it is for guests who expect - and demand - more. The interior is shaped by made-to-measure fittings and equipment, and the disposition of the exterior has also been transformed. In order to create a better ambience and an attractive environment we also added a winter garden with a view over lake Jasna, which is indeed an invitation to pleasant hours of delight.

Vila Triglav


Room with a view in hotel Vila Triglav



Breakfast with local ingredients in hotel Vila Triglav



Swimmingpool in hotel Vila Triglav



Worth seeing in surroundings of hotel Vila Triglav



What our guests think of Villa Triglav

A great stay for my wife, two 9 year old kids and me. Pre-arrival communication was good. Welcome was wonderful. Pool and ambience very good. Owner and staff all reallly helpful beyond reasonable asks! Will be back again. Strongly recommended.

Monica Abrosimoff

Our stay was wonderful. Not only are the rooms and central areas lovely but the service is outstanding. The owner and staff wish to excel at service and I think they are doing just that. Well done to the Vial Triglav team!

Bob Cronin

During the stay at Vila Triglav we had something you can only call an 11 star experience. The occasion why we stayed at Kranska Gora was our wedding. And the experience started long before we ever saw the place for the first time. And as in any wedding the bride, me, came with expectations and headaches for people involved. Our hosts Alenka & Blaz, managed to accommodate our 60 guests.

Lana Brandorne

We would like to thank you for the excellent welcome we received during our visit to Vila Triglav. What a dream location, with views of the lake and mountains. Especially in the morning, during a delicious breakfast! Thank you for your advice of walks and visits, and certainly at a next time.

Laurent Bildstein

A very nice accommodation concept, half way between a high level hostel and a full fledge hotel offer. Nice, relaxed and flexible breakfast time. Top and lean quality premises, focused on well being and lean efficiency, rather then luxury. Location is superb, in front of a lake. Cleanliness and super friendly ambiance makes you feel at home. A big 10 is well deserved.

Eiras Antunes Pedro
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