“When there is true hospitality, not many words are needed.”


The Hotel Vila Triglav is a peaceful family Hotel. It is located at the beautiful lake Jasna and offers 8 comfortable rooms.

Vila Triglav is modern, pleasant and extremely comfortable: it is for guests who expect - and demand - more. The interior is shaped by made-to-measure fittings and equipment, and the disposition of the exterior has also been transformed. In order to create a better ambience and an attractive environment we also added a winter garden with a view over lake Jasna, which is indeed an invitation to pleasant hours of delight.


All guests of hotel can free use the pool, sauna and fitness. Apart from all this, we have also taken care to ensure good relaxtion in our lobby: the hotel has a bar with comfortable seats, library and open fireplace. For younger guests there is also a children's corner in the lobby. 


We are well aware that a good hotel must also be able to offer peace to the guest. This is precisely why, at Vila Triglav, there are only 16 beds; there are four double bed rooms, two smaller double bed rooms, and two apartments, each with three or four beds available.


If you are looking for a place to rest, or a space to hold business meetings in - Vila Triglav is just the answer. So, let's end with a sincere invitation: Come and see us!






Outdoor Terrace






Bazen v hotelu Vila Triglav



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