Rent a e-bike at Vila Triglav


Spend your vacation actively in Kranjska Gora

Izposoja različnih koles v Vili Triglav Kranjska Gora



In cooperation with Green4rent

If you would want to explore Kranjska Gora and the beautiful Julian Alps on bike, you can rent out high quality Corratec e-bike at a reasonable price.


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  • The use of a helmet is mandatory
  • Minimum ages of registration are 14 years.
  • The standard rental price is 6 €/h or 39 €/day

How to do it?

  • Go to Google Play or the Apple App store and get the GREEN4RENT app on your smartphone.
  • Sign in to the app. Enter the required personal information and credit card information into the application.
  • CLICK. Choose an e-bike at Vila Triglav, Ivana Krivca 6, Kranjska Gora
  • RENT. Unlock your e-bike with your mobile phone
  • RIDE. Whether it is a short or long excursion, drive as long as you like
  • Do you need a brake or just a moment to enjoy the view? Just press on the “parking function” in the app and lock your bike.
  • When returning to your hotel, park your e-bike and lock it with your smartphone. Reservation complete!
  • The rent is charged after the e-bike is returned.



please contact us for more information



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